Inflatable Football Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

You often see different shapes of inflatable tunnels in playgrounds. Many of them are found in schools or public play areas. These inflatable products are beneficial for replacing metal tunnels. Inflatable Football tunnels are made for games and decorations. But most are used for adults’ and kids’ playing areas. The stuff is durable from these inflatable football tunnels.

At the same time, you can adjust them in your house too. Just grab the required size of an Inflatable Football Tunnel and place them on the lawn or outdoors. There are many sizes and colors available. So, the customer can buy according to their choices.

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Inflatable Football Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

An inflatable tunnel is a sizeable air-inflated structure. That is used as an entrance or tunnel for football players, which they run through before a game or during a halftime break. Inflatable Football tunnels are typically designed to resemble football helmets or a team mascot.

These tunnels are often decorated with the football team’s logos and symbols. Many are the same color as in the national football team tunnel. The structure can stand after blowing air in them. Many are large, while some inflatable tunnel comes in medium size.

Inflatable Football Tunnel Features

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

Inflatable football tunnels are made from durable, lightweight materials like PVC and nylon. The use of air pumps or blowers inflates these tunnels. They can vary in size and color. Some of the Inflatable Football tunnels are measured forty feet in length. At the same time, they are standing tall as twenty feet, which is enough for the playgrounds. On the same hand. You can buy customized football tunnels.

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Use For

Inflatable Football tunnels are a popular addition to high school, college, and professional football games. Not only this, Inflatable Football Tunnel can use as a memorable entrance for the player at festivals. At the same time, tunnels are used for sporting events such as soccer and basketball. Many companies use these Inflatable Football tunnels for promotional laughing product events.

Football Blow-Up Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

It is another term used to describe football tunnels. The material is used nylon and PVC. It becomes a large tunnel after intel air in an inflatable tunnel. The durable inflatable tunnel is easy to blow and pack. That is the main benefit of inflatables. The blow-up tunnels are made from weather-resistant material. So, it can stand still in wind and rain. While to make them stand, you need to proper blowing process.

To Blow Up

To blow up the tunnels, you need to get the necessary objects, such as,

  • football blow-up tunnel
  • Air blow or pump
  • Electrical outlet or power source

With the following steps, you can make these tunnels big and fluffy.

  • Unroll the tunnel and place them in the desired location. All you need to do is ensure enough space for the tunnel. If the place is congested, then the stuff of the inflatable tunnel may be rouged or scratched.
  • Attach the air blow to the tunnel’s valve. The valve is typically located on the side of the back of the tunnel.
  • Plug in the air blower in an electrical outlet power.
  • Turn on the air blower to inflate the tunnel. The time it takes to boost depends on the size of the tunnel.
  • Once the tunnel is extended, use the sandbag to stand still in the tunnel.
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Different Inflatable Tunnel Football

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

We bring you some famous and common football tunnel examples. You can check the detail and get any of them. Every inflatable football tunnel varies according to size and type. Make sure you have checked all the processes and images of Inflatable Tunnel Football before buying.

Tailgetting Beach Football Tunnel

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

This product comes in a football helmet shape. The football team’s theme color is used beautifully all over the tunnel. It comes large. So, primarily it is used in playgrounds for the entrance of players. The durable material is used in the construction of inflatable football tunnels. It comes with specific accessories, such as,

  • Air blower
  • Ropes
  • Bag
  • Sandbags
  • Carrying cases

Inflatable Lawn Helmet

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

These inflatables are used for sitting on the lawn or outside areas of the houses. Most of these inflatable tunnels are used in decoration for events. It has also come with team colors. Internal LED lights illuminate the inflatable helmer at night. These products are easy to deflate.

Commercial Weddin Events Inflatable Football Tunnel

A sizeable free-standing tunnel is used for event entrances. The material is waterproof. So, no worries if stand in the rain. Most of these inflatable tunnels come in red, which shows the national football team color.

Inflatable Football Tunnel Prices

Inflatable Football Tunnel
Inflatable Football Tunnel

Every inflatable product’s prices depend on the selected type. The large size tunnel will cost you more than the medium and small. On the other hand, the available options like accessories, color, and logos all conclude in the cost. At the same time, general inflatable football tunnels range in price from 200$ to 4000$, which depends on the size and type of selected tunnel. If you buy a tunnel with an air blower, then the cost will also conclude. That equipment you may get is 100$ to 500$.

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