About Us

I’m InflatableGuy, passionate about two things: surfing and inflatable things. My journey began in the beautiful coastal town of Lincoln City, Oregon, where I fell in love with the exhilarating sport of surfing. Over time, my passion for riding the waves grew, and we explored various surf spots along the breathtaking Oregon coast.

Throughout my surfing adventures, I discovered the incredible potential of inflatable surf equipment. These innovative and versatile products have revolutionized the way I approach surfing, offering unparalleled convenience, portability, and performance. Whether it’s an inflatable surfboard, paddleboard, or any other inflatable gear, I’ve experienced firsthand how they enhance the surfing experience.

Thank you for visiting InflatableGuy. I invite you to explore my website and read my informative articles. Get ready to take your surfing experience to new heights with the incredible world of inflatable gear.