How to Repair Inflatables

How to Repair Inflatables
How to Repair Inflatables

Tired of that old party inflatable and wondering to know how to repair inflatables? It’s not the end if it has a leak or tear.

Read how to fix them with tape or how to use a vinyl repair kit. As inflatables become more and more popular, they’re bound to get a few holes in them. While most people would just throw out their damaged inflatable, it can be patched and used again with some effort and patience. The area of the inflatable must be inspected for how severe the damage is so you know how much work will need to happen before it’s safe to use again.

How To Repair Small Tears?

If the tear is small, you can use tape to patch it. Using duct tape or clear packing tape, smooth down one side of the repair and then press another strip on top. Be sure that there are no bubbles in between the two strips of tape so water won’t get trapped inside when you inflate your inflatable again.

How To Repair Large Damage?

If the damage is larger than a few inches across, purchase a vinyl repair kit instead. These kits come with everything necessary (except for rubbing alcohol) to glue together tears along seams, holes at least an inch wide, and even perforations up to five inches long in diameter if they’re not too close to any metal grommets holding fabric together.

After cleaning both sides of where the plastic meets plastic with some rubbing alcohol, place the two pieces of plastic against one another and then let them dry for several hours. Once they’re fully dried, you can inflate your air mattress or pool toy again with no concerns about it deflating in the middle of a party.

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Can you use Gorilla Glue on inflatables?


How to Repair Inflatables with GorillaTape CRYSTAL CLEAR

Gorilla tape is strong and water-resistant, making it perfect for virtually invisible repairs. This clear crystal-clear peel and stick durable seal can even withstand water.
• GorillaTape CRYSTAL CLEAR is a handy and perfect solution, whether you’re working indoors or out, sealing inflatable Pools & camping equipment, repairing phones screens and so much more…

How do I keep my inflatables from falling over?

You can keep your inflatables in place with bags filled with sand or gravel. Please make sure you use two or three, and when filling them up, don’t overdo it as these will need to fit through the hole where they go on top! Once everything is well-secured, tie off tight so that nothing spills out while placing into the base.

Will PVC glue work on inflatables?

Both PVC and Hypalon materials are slippery, making them difficult to glue. They also don’t always stick well with ordinary household adhesives; luckily there’s a solution.
The best way around this problem is by using super-strength industrial strength polyurethane (or silicone) sealant which bonds quickly but releases instantly when applied – leaving no residue behind or sticking your patches together.

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